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100 Stock Trading Words & Terms Every Investor Should Know Deluxe Flashcard Set_1st Gen

100 Stock Trading Words & Terms Every Investor Should Know Deluxe Flashcard Set_1st Gen

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Are you puzzled by all the terms used by professional traders? It can be like standing in a crowd where everyone is speaking Greek.
We constantly hear from beginning traders that the biggest challenges are the terms, words, and jargon experienced investors use. It holds many back from a successful hobby or career investing in stocks and more.

Our professionally designed flashcards are the smart, proven way to quickly master essential terms used by professional traders. Simply glance through them from time to time for gradual improvement and more complete understanding. Or concentrate on memorizing for a week, weekend, or over your vacation.

 About this item:

  • Common terms are explained in plain English with short definitions that can be immediately mastered.
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate investors who want to start trading with improved understanding. It is common sense investing for beginners.
  • Ideal for those just starting, then helps you quickly progress through the intermediate level.
  • Great for adults who want to get started in trading, business and finance students, and kids who want to learn what all the adults are talking about.
  • These investing flashcards will expose you to 104 highly used words and terms experienced traders and investors use.
  • Have you heard of investing books for dummies? Well, this is investing flashcards for dummies!


  • This product is being discontinued and as a result has been reduced in price significantly.
  • Please be advised that this product does not have corresponding images. There are no visuals.
  • If you prefer to have corresponding images please see our Gen 2 deck. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Fields
Great product

Quality….very impressed

Big Ty
These help!

I got into trading stocks during the pandemic and I made a lot of money. But I lost most of it in 2021/2022 because I wasn't a student of the game. I was just following youtubers. I vowed to change that and learn the stock market the right way.


You can't beat the price!


I'm a 45 year old woman who recently go divorced and need to start all over. I plan to start investing more in the stock market and I have been using these cards to help me understand more about the stock market.

Tracey Trike

I am a finance major and didn't know many of these words. The majority of the definitions are easy to understand.