Don't Fail Your Child

As parents and educators, we break our backs trying to give our children the world and provide them a better life than we had growing up. We teach them everything we know, from good manners, proper hygiene, safety, traditional education, wisdom, etc. However, the number one thing we leave out is Financial Literacy. This is where many of us fail.

Education Alone Isn't Enough

Many parents make the mistake of thinking education alone will prevent their child from struggling financially in adulthood. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, most people we see today who appear to be financially set are struggling behind closed doors.

Just think about all the people who go broke after winning the lottery. Or professional entertainers who spent millions during the height of their careers but have nothing to show after losing the spotlight. Or all the high-earners who are drowning in debt. They all made the money but were not educated on how to keep it, let alone grow it.

Education is important, but the right education is more important. Financial Literacy is the one discipline that has the greatest potential to change your child's life trajectory.

Teaching your child about financial literacy doesn't have to be hard

Regardless of where you are at financially, or education wise, you can help your child to become financially literate. All it takes is that spark to ignite a new world of learning for your child.

Our products are simple tools that can be leveraged to create meaningful conversations with your child. It doesn't take a whole lot of effort either. We promote the concept of Financial Literacy in Small Bites. All that means is short repetitive conversations and activities will go a long way. Don't make it a chore. Focus on a few cards at a time. Play a game. Involve them in the household budget. Talk to them about the financial lessons you have learned over the years. There are endless ways to help your child build great money habits. Start the conversation today!

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